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Over 3 days hear from world experts as we grapple with the problems around patient access, guidelines and supply.

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2019 heralds the third year of Australia’s Medicinal Cannabis “Programme” yet patient access remains pitifully low. The application process is burdensome, inconsistent and difficult to navigate. Government clinical guidance is narrow, politically motivated and designed to arrive at conclusions suiting outcomes other than the best interests of patients.

Thousands of sick Australians are still forced to rely on the illicit market to obtain what may very well be life-saving medicines while medicos remain confused about how and whether to prescribe. Many doctors even recommend their patients continue to use unregulated products rather than attempting the legal route - UIC views this as an unacceptable state of affairs.

Meanwhile, research and acceptance around the world is exploding….

UIC seeks to bridge the information gap by once again promoting and showcasing global and domestic research and - importantly - placing patient issues and many would argue, human rights firmly back on the political, regulatory and clinical agendas.

We invite SPONSORS who care about patient needs and who want to see across in Australia opened up sooner rather than later.

(As a Registered Charity we can offer tax deductible gift recipient status)

4 Sponsorship Packages Include:

  1. Platinum $10,000

  2. Gold $5,000

  3. Silver $3,500

  4. Bronze $2,500

We are also seeking to develop longer - term (up to 3 year) relationships with ‘Hero Sponsors” to assist and support our exciting programme of work up to and beyond the Symposium. Details of this on request.

The 2019 event will have various opportunities around sponsoring a Welcome drinks, an Event Networking Dinner, the running of Dr David Caldicott’s educational (and entertaining) course for medical professionals on the 21/03 and the 3 day Symposium itself.  Sponsors are also encouraged to nominate speakers for the program.

We will be flexible to try and accommodate your needs.


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