Legislation - August 22, 2017

Response to TGA- Accessing Medicinal Cannabis Products

Photo: Brisbane Father Steve Peek and Suli Peek from Lateline Story. In response to TGA on the Lateline story: Medicinal Cannabis 'red tape' pushing doctors and patients back to illegal products.

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NSW Nurses and Midwives Association - August 09, 2017

Mental Health, Drug & Alchohol Nurses Forum

Nurses Forum in Waterloo Friday 8th September 9am - 4pm

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Documentary - July 20, 2017

A Life Of Its Own Documentary

Full length documentary - The Truth About Medical Marijuana. By Helen Kapolos.

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Documentary - January 20, 2017

'Doing It For Dan'

Australian Story: Lucy Haslam's quest for Daniel and other patients- presented by Caroline Jones

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Documentary - January 01, 2017

Sunday Night 2014

Medicinal Marijuana in Australia Full Report

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Legislation - February 24, 2016

Medicinal Cannabis Legislation Passes

'Medicinal Cannabis Legislation Passes' Australian Senate  24.02.2016

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Symposium -

Medicinal Cannabis: United In Compassion Symposium

Medical Cannabis: United in Compassion Symposium Ms Dawkins (Bass) - Madam Speaker, attending the United in Compassion Symposium at the the Hemp, Health and Innovation Forum in Sydney on the 14th and 15th May was a revelation. The expo and lecture series was heavily attended and was opened by th...

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Poll -

91% of Australians Believe Medicinal Cannabis should be made legal.

252,091 signatures for medicinal Cannabis in Roy Morgan Research Poll

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